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      Premium Tattoo Pens

      Legend Rotary tattoo pen is lightweight and compact as compared to its predecessor. It consists of a dual stabilizing ring setup. The mini tattoo pen offers streamlined handling by reducing shaking in the machine and grip. It yields errorless results in working areas where precision and attention are essential. These are thoroughly designed to deliver the most optimal torque, RPM, and voltage. These are coupled with a precise 3.5 stroke. The rotary machine's tattoo has a compromised aesthetic design and creates possibilities.

      Tattoo pens make use of an electric motor. Rotary tattoo pens are versatile and can be used conveniently for lining and coloring. Additionally, these come with an RCA connection cable. The Mini tattoo pen is easy to use. The Rotary tattoo machines are quiet and produce shallow sounds when used, causing a minor disturbance. It consists of more fluid needle movement and creates minor damage to the skin. Furthermore, these machines are low maintenance and durable.